ONE month (and a few days) of Mrs. Tyson!

 I will say that I had many preconceived notions of what marriage would be like. Pictures that were painted for me by my family, some wedded friends, and even just a general picture that the married public painted for me, and I have to say - while I am thankful for so many of those portraits that were sketched into my mind, I am even more grateful for the opportunity to have my own chance at being the artist (along with David) of our marriage. The Lord has shown us so much grace and mercy that has allowed us to even BE in this season of life, and it's sometimes overwhelming to think that each day hereafter will begin and end with David by my side. God answers prayers in a powerful way, and I have been blessed with more than I deserve by being blessed with David. To God be the glory!

I have so much to blog about, and I cannot wait to share every tiny detail about our wedding, but until I can get that series going, I thought I would update on life after marriage. Well, life after ONE MONTH of marriage.

 This blog has seen so much change in David & I's relationship. We have come from the first date, loss and gain, the engagement, and now marriage. I have to say, this season of life is turning out to be a spectacular one, but I had no doubt about that. After all, I started this blog with the anticipation of journaling our lives as they happened. I have somewhat failed miserably lately, but I have tons of things coming. I can't wait to share!

 In one month, I have begun to learn what it's like to live away from my parents - something that I, at almost 24 years old, have never done. I would be lying if I said that I didn't cry the first one or two (or 5) times that they left our house or we left theirs. Not because I wanted to be at home with them instead, but because the adjustment was just overwhelming for me -- i had not anticipated missing them that much, and crying usually led me to feel terrible for David, but he always encouraged me that "it's okay. This is a big adjustment, but it's going to get better, and you're going to get used to this." And I have. Because he has helped me through it. Through all of this, I have learned even more about the way that David loves me. He loves me through bad, good, tears, smiles, anger, happiness, good and bad. And yes, I have learned that over and over within the last month. 

 In one month of marriage I have learned a few things. I hope I can do this each month for the first year, but this month has definitely  been one of trial and error:

I have learned..
...that I enjoy housework (vacuuming especially), but I love the feeling of all the clothes being washed, dried, ironed, folded, and hung.
...that there is a possibility of me being able to impress David with cornbread just like his moms!
...that folding the sheets is quite possibly the most frustrating thing on the planet.
...that things get dusty TOO quick.
...that I can blanch peas and butterbeans (even if Mimi helped!)
...that Mimi's help is valued and treasured.
...that chatting with Mom to & from work is a new normal that I am glad we have created.
...that Daddy will still come over at 9:30 to look at a ceiling fan, even if he was in his pj's before the call.
...that finding a puppy in a culvert can really show you how big your husband's heart is (even if we decided that we couldn't keep it.)
...that eating each meal at the table really makes a difference (eating in the living room makes me feel like we are college roommates with no dining room).
...that having a "bed hog" really is a real thing.. and sometimes he kicks!
...that David's nighttime prayers have been a huge encouragement to me.
...that family coming over on a friday when I'm off is precious time that I enjoy!
...and that Sunday lunch is as special as Christmas dinner to us now!
...that David really does like tomatoes (at least the green ones) (he just won't fully admit it)
...that waking up everyday & realizing this is my life still hasn't sunken in.
...that when planning to buy something "big", you should definitely ask your parents. Frost-free deep freezers are probably the way to go, but we are proud of the frosty one we purchased anyway!
...that living life with another human is DIFFERENT... but so. much. fun!

It may seem crazy that a month has taught me these things, but marriage is big. Marriage isn't just taking on a last name. It isn't just a wedding (although that was SO much fun!). It isn't just a honeymoon. It's learning to love the person you're with every single day, through every single mood and transition, and if learning this takes a lifetime, that's okay with me. 

Everyone has joked with us about "the honeymoon phase" of marriage, and while I know we aren't even in the eye of that storm being over, David did lean over to me (after what I guess was the last joke he could take for the day) and said, "I'm gonna do my best to make our honeymoon phase last til my dying day," and in one month of marriage, I have learned that that's   r e a l l y   what marriage is about.


Bennett Ophthalmology Group Double Shower - 5.31.15

On May 31, our group of co-workers hosted a double shower for Carly and I. 

Carly & Ricky got engaged in December and are getting married on the 4th of July!
We have had fun together keeping one another on track with wedding planning. Thankfully (I think), we are totally different in how we like to get stuff done, but we are able to work together pretty well. Her "chill" attitude calms me down a lot. :)

The shower was given at The Southern. Dr Bennett's wife, Kim, owns it and this was our second event to attend there. We had our BOG Christmas party there, too. 

Everything was so simple and elegant. There were hydrangeas and roses on every table! 

There were petite fours, cheese straws, chicken salad, nuts. and a delicious punch!

Carly and I both received some wonderful gifts! Tons of things that we registered for. 

We work with a great group of girls!
(and for an awesome doctor!)


Here are some photos with everyone: 

I think I can speak for both Carly & I when I say that it really meant a lot to the two of us to celebrate with all of our work family. I know for me, personally, they have welcomed me into their staff with open arms and it has been the most fun first year of "the real world" for me. I don't dread going to work. I love my job! I look forward to continuing to learn more in this field of work, and I couldn't be happier to have all of these girls to be with me as I do that. They have shown so much selflessness towards me during the last year of training, and I am thankful for each of them in different ways. They all mean a ton to me! 
So, with that being said, thank you ALL for being there for us, listening to our wedding antics, supporting us through this fun season, and getting us {me} back on track on more than one occasion. So much love for all of you! 


Monograms & Mimosas - 05.16.15

On May 16, my bridesmaids (minus one, plus one) hosted the cutest little shower: Monograms & Mimosas! When my maid of honor, Lauren, was engaged, her friends hosted one for her & it was darling! I knew that I would eventually love to have one because for the last several years I haven't gotten a thing monogrammed in hopes that my name would soon change. :) 

Everything was decorated to a "T" (See what I did there?) 
Lauren's MIL made a delicious cake that my family talked about for days after the shower, and every cornner of Hollie's kitchen was decorated with glitter, "T's", and my personal initials, "JTE". 

Then... There was the food!

Lauren made the most darling cups and champagne glasses for us to use!
It meant a lot to me that she spent time on something like this, even if it seems simple to everyone else. I know it took some time.

And Hollie made THE MOST DELICIOUS french toast casserole, and you better believe that everyone had the ingredients circulating around after the shower. She is BOLD to have tried this for the shower without having ever fixed it before, but I am so glad that she did. 

And Laura, as always made some wonderful sausage balls! Were there any left? I doubt it, and the quiche was so good too! 

Megan's mom, Mrs. Terry selflessly cut all the fruit for that day, and it wasn't an easy task I'm sure, but it was so good, and again it is things like this that I don't take for granted. I know this takes time, and I really do appreciate it. 

Lauren arranged some flowers for different places, and I enjoyed them for days after the shower ended.

We missed getting a photo with everyone that came, but I enjoyed the time that we got to spend together - we talked about everything from softball to our jobs now. It's so strange that we have almost all graduated and have "real" jobs now. It was so much fun to go back and talk with the girls about our memories together - we really had some good times together, and I really cherish all of these girls - each in a different way. 

And then, the hostesses. It's really been humbling to me to see the work that the hostesses put into each of these showers, and these girls have wanted me to feel special from the start (so, I know I picked the best bridesmaids in the world - obviously.) We missed Megan, and I wish that she could've been there, too. I appreciate her thoughtfulness in wanting to host it with them. 

I could go on and on about these girls, but the bottom line is that I am thankful for them, and I can't wait to have them beside me in less than a month. 


Honey Do Shower - 05.02.15

The Honey Do Shower was hosted in Alabama by some of David's family friends, and quite frankly, some of my friends, too! Isn't it funny how God works out for my best friend to be married to one of David's best friends? I love the way He works. 


David had been looking forward to this time we would all spend together, and I was excited for this because I want David to experience the shower fun, too!

I'm posting family and friend photos first, and the shower details will be towards the bottom! 


{photo creds to Nannie who has willingly given herself up at these showers to be my personal paparazzi. I hope she knows that these are all we have to look back on and that they are priceless to me! I am so proud of all of them.}

I cannot believe that we are getting married in 6 weeks!

We were so appreciative of Tony and Kalyn making the drive to come and shower David!

Codi, one of David's friends forever was there and helped host, too! It meant so much to the two of us that they could be there!

Mimi and Mrs. Angela enjoyed sitting and talking to one another!

Gang's all here (except Matt.. where is he?)

Here he is! and YES. We all have on the same color, and NO we did not plan that!
Also.... this is the best I could get of all of us. Typical, huh?

JK this is the best... Gabrielle...

Okay, seriously. The best! I love these people.

I didn't know this was taken, but it's a framer. I love all of these faces.

David with his classmates! Good times, ya'll.

And last, but not least! 
Definitely a better picture the second go-round when I so kindly asked David to 
"please put your hand on my shoulder, too!" 

Now.. the shower in itself!
Really, ya'll will probably get tired of me saying this, but it was lovely! 

There were fresh flowers and burlap everywhere. The food was set out so neatly, and the tables were arranged with bright pinks and greens, some were even sided with a photo of david & I.

Hollie made the cutest wreath from a garden hose! 
I am so proud of her for being so creative, AND for letting me take one home with me!
It now hangs in our mudroom. 

Here are a few of the tables with photos of the two of us...

Lastly, I just want to thank these ladies once more for hosting such a sweet shower and for making David feel so special. The food, fellowship, gifts, and memories made were more than we could have ever dreamed of. We have been shown so much love throughout this season of our lives, and we will never be able to repay those who have given so much. Time is one gift that is given to us that we can never get back and that we must spend wisely, and we are both so grateful for all of you choosing to spend your time with us. 
It was a beautiful night, and we will never forget the hard work and effort that all of you put towards it to make it possible for us.
Thank you dearly!