Blogger Slacker!

Before today, the last post I made was in April! 
Whew. Life sometimes gets ahead of me! 

However, I have updates for the month of May and most of June, so here are the posts if you're interested: 


Beach 2014

Last Saturday morning ended the countdown for our family beach trip, and though the odds were against our favor, we were able to go! I was SO excited and GRATEFUL! 

We made the normal 5 hour drive that turned into 7 hours because of traffic, so even though we left at 7am we were still way after lunch getting there. 

David and I drove Mimi's car, Mom and Dad were in mine, and Matt and Mimi were in Matt's truck. We had to take several vehicles because let's face it - 3 women were going! Ha! Just kidding.

We got to Foley and David & I stopped by the outlet because I wanted new glasses, so we hung around getting those and then made our way to the condo! 

The first night, we at Doc's Seafood House and it was delish! Since David can't have seafood, he ate a hamburger and loved it! I had oysters and grilled shrimp. Yum!

Afterwards, we all went to the Hangout where Matt cracked us all up the entire time we were there. This photo is priceless to me! This is how everyone usually is around Matt. He's a nut! 

On the first day at the beach, we mainly kept cool under our tent, but I convinced myself to get in the water {something I never do because I am far too familiar with the movie Jaws, and that is clearly home of the sharks, so I usually don't invade}. However, I made myself comfortable about waist deep, and we threw the football for awhile. I have to admit, it was refreshing! I also have to admit that every time I missed the ball, I would think I saw a jellyfish in the water when it was actually the shadow of the ball on the water. 
I'm insane, I know. 

That night, Matt went to see some friends of ours that were also at the beach, and David and I went to the souvenir store where David found a hat that he "HAD TO HAVE" and I found one too because he's a bad influence. :) 

It was beginning to storm pretty bad, so we came back to the room fairly early and watched the storm for awhile from the balcony and later from the living room. 

The winds from the storm caused our tent a little trouble, so Matt and David spent the early morning repairing it after we made a trip to Target for some Gorilla Tape!

It was like new after that!

We are new to taking a tent to the beach, but we all loved it so much! There was plenty of room for all of us and all of our "necessities". 

We got the ladder ball game out that day, and played a few rounds that became fairly competitive before it was all said and done!

Before Dad had to leave, we all went out to eat at Ribs and Reds. We had never eaten there before, but the food was good! I had fried shrimp, and David had a steak! He said it was really good, too!

We said goodbye to dad, and we headed off to Target to shop!

We took a few pics when we got back. 
I love this guy! 

That night, Matt, David, and I all sat on the beach and watched yet another storm pass by! The lightening was beautiful! 


On Tuesday, we spent another full {beautiful} day at the beach, and David took me out on a date that night. Unfortunately, I got scorched by the sun, and ended up with a migraine. It was terrible! We kept our yearly tradition of going to Cosmo's, and David got Chicken Alfredo. 
If you have someone with a seafood allergy with you, this place is super accommodating about it! They have been very nice every time we have been!

I got seafood pasta; it has shrimp, crab meat, sundries tomatoes, snow peas, and broccoli in it. Mmm! 
I had to take most of it home with me, and I actually ate it for lunch today! It was just as good as before!

We attempted to go to the Wharf and ride the ferris wheel because I thought I could endure it, but after we paid and stood in line, I decided I was too nauseous to handle it. :( 
No fun! 

We went back to the condo, and David sat on the couch with me while I slept for the next 3 hours. 
He is truly a little doll.

Yet again, a trip to the beach with David was a success, and I am so glad we got to spend it with my family, too! 
I have always prayed for my future husband, and part of that prayer was that he would blend with my family well. I am so thankful that he fits right in! 

Love you for the rest of always!



June is David's birthday month! So I wanted this date to be extra special! 
I know you can't read the card, but it says for him to pick out a cake of some sort at walmart that we can share (you know, the mini "smash cakes" they have in the bakery?) So, we set out on a quest for one, and we were disappointed at the options. None of them seemed pleasing to him, so he suggested we get ice cream instead. Just for the record, I'm a big fan of birthdays or celebrating in general, so whatever birthday boy wants, birthday boy gets!

Ask and you shall receive! 

This was the next day at church, but I don't think we changed much from the night before! 
Love this guy! 


Florida Georgia Line Concert: Round 2!

At the last minute, someone posted on Facebook that they had two tickets for sale to the Florida Georgia Line concert that was an hour and a half away from us, and of course I wanted to go! 

David and I have started a new motto of "You gotta live a little", and we have been trying to embrace that {within our means} over the last several months, so we decided to go!

As it turned out, Gabrielle was going too, so we all rode together! 
We had a great time! 

FGL played the same setlist from Spring Break, and Nelly was there too, so my 12 year old self got to  sing to him a little bit!

Before the concert, as we were walking in, we noticed a "familiar" face! If any of you watch Party Down South, you'll recognize Murray! He was so hilarious and nice, and he seemed pretty well on to his part he plays in the show. 

{If you watch, don't judge me for watching! I just find those people hilarious.}

So glad we decided to go! We got home around 3am, but it was worth it! SO MUCH FUN! I wish I could be a roadie for FGL. It's that serious! 


Memorial Day: Porch Makeover!

Since I was little, my grandparents have owned what we like to call "the farm" or "the barn". We have, every summer piled up into that one roomed place and enjoyed each other's company. It has been a safe haven for my entire family at some point. My PaPaw had a major hand in the whole place, and my Mimi loves it because he loved it. I know I feel closer to him when we gather there.

 Lately, we have felt "confined" to the inside of the barn or outside the walls of the screened in porch because the porch felt cluttered and uninviting, so Mom, Mimi, and I set out on a mission to recreate the screened in porch, and we had so much fun doing it! 

First, we started by clearing the porch. I wish you could have seen it with everything in it! It was not a royal mess of any sort, it was simply just too much for one fairly small porch. The objective of this project was just to make the porch inviting and "homey". 

And there you have it! The only difference is that we have another rug underneath the chairs and glider closest, like the one you see towards the front of the porch. It really cleaned the space up while adding a homemade feel to it. We love it! I am sure once fall rolls around, we will have many nights on this porch. I know we are already spending the late summer afternoons here!

We found a set of 2 chairs and love seat at Lowes, the love seat glider cushion at TJ MAXX,  indoor/outdoor rug at Walmart, and the chair covers at K Mart! 

I would love to string some fair lights from the rafters, but we will reserve that for a later date! 

Here's a {semi} before and after!

Mom also crafted this little fence with Dad's help, and her and Mimi found the metal decor at Hobby Lobby. I love how it added an outdoor feel to the porch, and also brought out tons of color! 

Mimi and I even re-painted some lanterns!
We also ended up re-painting all of her side tables that were on the porch. We painted them with Rustoleum spray paint from Walmart. They have a great selection of colors, and we used turquoise, purple, green, orange, and red. 

We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out at the barn and watching the sunsets together. 

....and taking way too many snap chats! 

Happy Summer!! 



We are not very good about keeping these dates on track! We have been such slackers, but at least having these little envelopes allow us to devote at least one night to an actual date! 

Instead of the movie (since there were none out that we both desired to see), we ate dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant close to my hometown. We loved it! 

It's fun to have a date every now and then, and even more fun to be with someone who makes every date feel like the first one! <3 


ODMFAY: April!

Well, April was quite the month for me. I finished with school, basically, during that month and all I had to do the first week of may was take finals. However, other plans were also on the horizon for me during that week, but I will share that later!

I say all of that to say, we didn't complete our April date for the month. SAD! It was so cute, too! It was a "stargazing" date, and I was bummed, but we were both so busy, and we didn't get to see each other two weekends out of that month. Believe me, neither of us liked it! However, school is OVER for me, and I could not be more excited. I am so glad that my weekends with David will always be for sure now, and I don't have to study another notecard. I feel so FREE! I doubt I ever miss college. I didn't enjoy it AT-ALL, really, but I did make a lifelong friend, and I am so gratetful for that.

Getting back to the date, in order to make up for us not doing our April date, David texted me Friday & said "I think when I get to your house, we should go somewhere & sit on the tailgate of my truck and watch the sun set." HINT: when your boyfriend says that, you never say NO! EVER! I am always so pleased to be anywhere with David, but he knows I love to do simple things like that, and it was such a thoughtful gesture for him to ask. So, as sure as he arrived Friday we took off and watched the sun set and were finally able to catch up on what seemed like forever to us. Talking on the phone and texting throughout the week has become so tedious for us. We just don't enjoy it anymore. However, we push through because that's what we have to do for now. We like to be with each other, see each other, and talk face to face -  as most normal couples do! Ha!

David makes the simple things so special for me. He never complains, and he always goes out of his way to make me feel loved - even if it's the simplest ways. He writes me notes and leaves them in my car, he opens all doors for me, and he never EVER lets me stay mad for longer than about 15 minutes.

I'm finding out, through planning these dates and it STILL being so hard for us to make time for them, that we are just TOO busy. Life is so short, and I would love to spend every waking moment with him, but I know that cannot be. We have to step back and prioritize the things that matter the most to us, and time with each other is very key to what makes a relationship work. Since we are limited to the weekends, we have to make the most of that time, and since May is almost up -- I guess we better squeeze that date in! :)